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Will my fingerprints be stored in the ekey finger scanner?

No. ekey does not store any fingerprints. The biometric features of the original fingerprint, such as unique points, line ends, forks in the lines, etc. are used to produce a pattern (template). This template is converted into a unique binary number code by means of an algorithm developed in house. It is then stored and used each time for comparison.

Can an original fingerprint be reconstructed from the stored data?

No. The stored number code cannot be converted back into a fingerprint. It is therefore impossible to reconstruct the original fingerprint.

Is it possible to take a fingerprint from a glass, for example, and use it to make a fake finger to open a door?

Creating a usable fingerprint is virtually impossible and would involve an enormous amount of work. With enough criminalefforts, plus expert knowledge and the ideal laboratory conditions, the features could be transferred to a fake finger. 

So it is possible in theory, but is extremely unlikely in practice.

Do ekey systems use methods for live finger detection?

Yes. “Live finger detection” checks whether the offered biometric feature belongs to a living person. With ekey systems, this is done twice: once via the conductivity of the living skin directly during finger placement, and once again during the algorithmic evaluation of the data.


How likely is it that the door will open for an unauthorized person?

Do you know the false acceptance rate (FAR)? This rate describes the likelihood of a security system granting access to someone who does not have authorization. For ekey finger scanners, this rate is 1 : 10 million – provided that the fingerprints were enrolled correctly. 

By way of comparison: our finger scanners are 1,000 times more secure than the 4-digit PIN code for your bank card. If, on the other hand, you take the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone, the false acceptance rate is surprisingly high. To be precise, it is over 200 times higher than that of an ekey finger scanner.

In summary, it is theoretically possible for an unauthorized person to gain access using an ekey finger scanner, but it is extremely unlikely. 

The odds of having 6 numbers come up (out of 45) on the lottery are 1 : 8,145,000 – much higher than the chances of an unauthorized person gaining access using the scanner. 

Can a door open itself when there is a power failure?

No. Power failures will not trigger an impulse to open the door on an ekey fingerprint access solution. This opening impulse can only be triggered by an authorized and – as we already know – live finger.

The power is out: how can I open my door?

For dark moments like this, we offer a UPS – uninterruptible power supply – for our access solutions. This will supply power to the finger scanner, control panel, and motorized lock for several hours. Alternatively, of course, you can also use a key.

Can the ekey fingerprint access solution be tampered with from outside in order to open the door?

No. The system cannot be tampered with from outside. Nor can it be influenced by force, because the finger scanner and control panel are physically separate. The opening impulse is emitted from the control panel in the protected interior area. Incidentally, the system cannot be tampered with via the Internet either, because it does not have an Internet connection.

Can the system be tampered with by replacing the finger scanner?

The finger scanner and control panel are "coupled" together during the commissioning process and their communication is encrypted. The user data that is entered is stored with the serial number of the device and therefore cannot be transferred to another device. If the devices are replaced, the control panel and finger scanner must be reset to the default settings and "re-coupled". This requires access to the protected interior area where the control panel is located. In addition, all of the user data must be re-entered.

How secure is the connection between the smartphone/tablet, finger scanner and control panel?

To establish the connection between the smartphone/tablet, finger scanner and control panel, we use the "Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing" process. All data is encrypted before being transferred between the devices.

What happens if I lose my smartphone/tablet?

When the app is opened, a security code of between 4 and 6 digits must be entered. This means that the app cannot be started by an unauthorized person. 

If you lose your smartphone/tablet, you can use a different smartphone/tablet to restore the connection to the finger scanner using the ekey home app and the configured admin coupling code.

Are there hidden access authorizations for the manufacturer stored in the system?

No. There is no option (factory code, etc.) for the door to be opened by an engineer  stored in the system. The owner (who is also the administrator) is the only person who can reset the system to the default settings using the 6-digit administrator code that he himself has set.

Is a fingerprint access solution covered by insurance?

For the insurance coverage, it does not matter whether the locking mechanism is actuated mechanically using a key or electronically via a fingerprint. The insurance coverage is only in place if the access point is locked correctly. If a door is merely "on the latch", it does not count as locked.

Are all activities logged on the finger scanner?

The ekey home single-point access solution system does not have an access log. For the ekey multi and ekey net access solutions, ekey offers an access log for each finger scanner which only the administrator can read. Access attempts made by unauthorized persons are also logged.


Fake finger
A reconstruction, imitation, or falsification of a finger.

Leaving the door "on the latch"
The latch is the part of the lock which holds the door in the door frame.

A sample (reference data) in electronic data processing.

An uninterruptible power supply is used to ensure the supply can continue in the event of power failures. It is integrated into the power supply line of the systems or devices to be protected.

Two elements are connected/coupled by the system so they can communicate with each other.



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Security of ekey fingerprint access solutions

ekey products guarantee the very highest standard of security against misuse and unauthorized access to the access control system. 

During the development, design, and production of its products, ekey has considered the following recommendations and guidelines:

Recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security, 

Recommendations of the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH (German-based institution for corporate security) on access control systems,